Wednesday, January 07, 2009

an end to the silence

It snowed this morning. When I woke up around noon (I'm off work today) and looked outside, a smile involuntarily crossed my lips.

I've been pretty depressed. Sometimes it feels like I worked half a decade to get a degree that can't be used for anything... for about a month I stopped even looking for a real job. But I'm back on my feet now, after the holidays. I thought about a lot of possibilities, like grad school, which is something that interests me a lot. And I do think I'll go eventually, but I've come to the conclusion that it's best just to wait a year or two. Anyway, my time off afforded me some space to reflect on my situation. And I feel better about things now.

I've been applying for some media jobs that look cool, but honestly I don't think I have the slightest chance of getting any of them. (For reasons like these - I've got a lot of competition.) So today I applied for a different type of job: a job teaching English to school kids in Japan. I've been thinking about doing this for several months, and this particular company is going to be in Chicago the week after next to conduct interviews so I just filled out their application and hopefully they'll invite me to come speak to them.

I'm sure my parents won't like the idea*, but frankly I'm at a point in my life in which I need DRASTIC change to survive. I've been in the same situation, the same city, the same apartment for way too long. My life needs to move forward somehow, and the job market is so horrid right now that I don't want to rely on just getting any old job. That's where I'm at right now.

*ETA: They're actually quite fine with it, and excited about the opportunity!


mames said...

good luck and happy new year. japan sounds just drastic enough, and very very cool.

Heather said...

I could see you getting along just fine in Japan or Korea...or even in Beijing!

(I have a friend who has been living, teaching, and working in Beijing for five or six years now, and he loves it)