Wednesday, September 09, 2009


My Uncle Vern is one of the only democrats in the family he came from. I have a close relationship with him and his daughter, my cousin Cathy.

This week we spoke via email. This afternoon, I asked him what he thought of the proposed health care legislation. Here is what he wrote back a little while ago. Joanne, his wife, just had a knee replacement done and is currently in the hospital recuperating.

I just watched Obama's speech and the last part of it was as good an inspiring oration as I have heard. I support reform, particularly any way to clamp on insurers. I hear Republicans rant about government interference and as a Medicare recipient, I think they do a lot better than insurance companies. The time Joanne can stay in hospital and her rehab options are not her doctors decision but the insurance companies. No such concerns were asked about my treatment of [kidney] stones under Medicare. The ongoing political story is still compelling. There is as much hatred of Obama on the right wing rant as there was of Clinton. It seems that a portion of our population is so sure of their convictions, however misgotten they might be, that we will be required to hear it ad infinitum. I strongly believe in a pendulum theory of human behavior so I hope that still in my lifetime we will see the swing back to civilized discourse, not the loony toons that seem to be unavoidable.


Heather said...

I like your uncle Vern. He sounds like somebody I'd like to sit with on a porch while he talked.