Friday, January 15, 2010

A bit of news

Last week I got a new job, which I started Monday. I am an “office assistant” for a small downtown firm. After being technically unemployed for six months, it felt very good to secure employment for myself.

It’s been quite an adjustment. The work is quite manageable, easy even. My predecessor still works for the company, and is happy to help me with any questions I have. I’ve been taking the bus to work, which is fairly efficient. The job is really pretty good for me at this point in life.

It’s had some interesting effects. For example, lately I have felt indescribable joy at small, simple things: putting on a thick, soft pair of cotton socks; taking a steaming hot shower; lying down and reading or watching television.

Something that has also given me pleasure is riding the bus – what a relief from the hassle of driving and parking, and what a budget-friendly way to get around.

This may sound odd, but I find it weird, and kind of uncomfortable, that the stock market opens and closes in the course of one of my workdays – basically that I’m in the same place that whole time. A larger problem is that many businesses (like the photo lab down the street from my house) are only open Monday-Friday from 9 to 5, preventing me from ever visiting them. (I do get an hour for lunch every day, but since I don’t drive it would be difficult to get anywhere and back in that time. It probably could be done, though.)

Overall I feel tired, but very pleased to be supporting myself again. I never thought I was capable of working full-time. That probably sounds lazy, but it’s true. This job is sort of easing me into it.

Even better, I have had a week to learn how to do things with the CEO out of town. He is apparently a little high-maintenance (the outgoing receptionist told me he needs a fresh cup of coffee every hour), but I don’t think it’s going to be anything unmanageable. I did get a feel for his personality during our interview and I don’t foresee any big problems.

Anyway, I just wanted to give sort of a life update. I know I’ve been absent for quite a while, and I plan to get back to blogging at least a couple times a month from here on out.

I am really excited about the weekend. I’ll have time to do laundry, go shopping (I have been craving a trip to Target and I need groceries), and relax. TGIF!


Heather said...

Hooray and congratulations! That's awesome!

mames said...

glad to hear all is well and sounds like it will stay that way. go public transport. :) you can use the hour lunch for knitting and podcast listening, sounds luxurious that way.

pinksundrops said...

Oh I'm glad to hear another person thinks they couldn't do 40 hrs, but is doing it. I'm scared to death I won't be able to do 40 hrs when I get there! Congrats on the job!

オテモヤン said...
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Anonymous said...

If you're still looking for some of your old knitting patterns, the link for your lovely R31 is at
thank you

Astrid said...

Congratulations on your job!

About your J. Crew comment on my blog; I actually did visit the Soho shop in NYC and got some really nice stuff! :-)